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Our Story

We can all look back and think of key moments when we did seize the opportunity and others where we let it pass us by either intentionally or passively. Timing is everything. Just so the way the founders of Angels Bring Business met : Josephine Peacock, director of Canberra Interiors, which rebrands corporates and refurbishes their premises; and Wendy Spalding-Siracusa commercial property lawyer and partner in a Lincolnshire law firm. Their paths crossed when their children both attended the same school. As working mums they weren’t destined to meet at the school gates, but it was in the pre-recession days when lavish birthday parties were all the rage, where they got chatting about business and family. Unfortunately the school closed and the children went their separate ways.

Years later Wendy popped into a local bank and overhead a Glaswegian accent that she recognised as Josephine’s – it rather stands out in a crowd of quiet Lincolnshire voices! Soon after Wendy found herself on garden leave and passing the time by accompany Josephine on runs when they would chat about various business plans. Josephine loved the idea of how Wendy had established herself in Lincolnshire through networking like a woman possessed!   Josephine had several good projects on the go herself through keeping in contact with old acquaintances. And so they decided to set up their own club to teach other women how to network and build a support structure from which to springboard in business.

Perhaps it was their working class background which they have in common – Josephine from Pollockshaws in Glasgow, and Wendy from the Tweedales estate in Carshalton, Surrey – both deprived areas, which had given them the drive to succeed; perhaps it was their experiences of working in London; or at various stages in their careers being the bread winner for their families; but whatever the similarities, one thing they both knew and know to this day is the importance of networking and confidence in the workplace and it is a skill which they wanted to pass on to others.

With around 25 years a piece in their respective industries, they can talk with confidence about the challenges and opportunities which women in business encounter, how to overcome and/or take advantage of them. Their vision is a Club where women can be equally at home talking about business issues and the latest shade of lipstick, have some fun along the way, but all the while be developing skills and contacts which will assist them on their journey.