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9th January - Sue Ritchie “The Art of Journalling for Success”

13th February - Mel Downing “Workshop on The Wolf Pack”

13th March - Amanda Batham – Business bootcamp
Venue: Red Carpet Ready, Old Branston Hall, 40 Hall Lane, Branston, LN4 1PY

10th April – Carol Heidschuster of Lincoln Cathedral speaking on Breathing new life into Tradition

8th May - Rachel Linstead of Firecracker – Workshop on “Health, wellbeing & performance in business; using nutrition to help you achieve success” –

12th June – Paula Finch, Director of n.b. marketing ltd – Workshop on “How to influence the Decision Maker” -

10th July – Rosalyn Newsome, Trade Mark Attorney – Workshop on Business Intellectual Property

14th August – Hannah Sylvester, Medical Herbalist – Herbal Walk in Lincoln

11th September – Sue Ritchie – How to have more power and positive personal impact at work

9th October – Nicola Ellwood of Impressive Coaching – Coach to Engage: the secret to business success

13th November – Dr Jan Russell Dexter – The Power of NLP

11th December – Sandra Bird, An Shen Acupuncture workshop “Acupressure at work – your first aid kit at your fingertips!”


8th January – Gwen Booth of Eventum,  Personality Type – using it to improve your communication, relationships, manage stress, change and a whole lot more.

12th February  – Sue Ritchie – Workshop on Assertiveness

13th March  – Angel Business Women Awards 2015 – Venue at Doubletree, Hilton Hotel

9th April  – Jane Travis, Reflection Counselling – Workshop on “Anger Management”

14th May  – Dr Fenja Ziegler – Using Psychology to make better decisions

11th June – Heather Barczak – Bosnia and beyond…International observation working with OSCE

9th July – Suzy Walgate, Myths and Secrets to weight maintenance and body shape

13th August – Meeting closed for summer holiday

10th September – Rachel Oakden, Bikini Body Building

8th October - Naomi Watkins, NW Consultancy – “What is emotional wellbeing and what does it look like in the workplace?”

12th November – Lisa Gates, Astrologer

10th December – Alison Rex, Rex Associates Business Consultant

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