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Flip the coin

Flip the coin

Pulling up on the drive one evening I could’ve felt sorry for myself. The day had started at 8am with the school run, then on to the office for 9am, no break at all during the day, finishing at 8.30pm, home for 9pm ready to start the evening shift at home as a mum of two. However, as I drove home I listened to a radio programme about community awards and in particular an award given to a nurse who had helped a lady who was suicidal following the loss in two months of her job due to a severe accident, her husband who left her, and she had also lost her home. What right did I have to complain? I have a job. It’s true that it takes up lots of time, energy and if highly pressurised, but plenty of people would give their right arm for it! I have a husband. It may seem like he is from Mars on occasions, but he is incredibly loyal and hardworking. I have a home. It may be small and need a lick of paint, but it’s in a beautiful area and is definitely a roof above our heads. If you flip the coin, it is amazing how your mindset can change instantly and you can be grateful for just how much you have in life.

You can choose your state of mind. That is an extremely powerful realisation. You can choose to marginalise the negative inner thoughts we all have and instead bring to the fore you positive thoughts. You can choose to change something you don’t love in your life, and if you cannot change it, to change the way you feel and think about it.

Recently I had the good fortune to be asked to attend an event where a para-olympian (Mark Colbourne) was telling his inspirational story of how a terrible accident led him to discover cycling and he went on to win two silvers and one gold at the London 2012 Olympics. The message he delivered was to focus on your ability, not your disability. So instead of focussing on what is going wrong in your life, focus on what is coming right. It sounds almost trite, but simple as it is, it has an amazing effect.

Today one of our income streams at work dried up over night. I could’ve spent the day worrying and moaning about it. Instead however, I turned to that old adage ‘let’s see how we can turn a negative into a positive’. Firstly it would free me up to do more lucrative and challenging work. Secondly, it would force me out of my comfort zone in terms of doing other work and marketing. I’d have the opportunity to work with colleagues whom I hadn’t met before. Last but by no means least, it would make me draw on the inner strength I had to bring in new work. Can’t wait to get going……..